Trade the Basic Commodities of Life

Commodities are basic to our daily life, which makes the commodity futures markets among the largest, with huge trading volumes. Binary options and spreads give you a different way to trade commodities—with limited risk and a lower cost of entry. You can never be stopped out or get a margin call.

We offer binaries on these metals, energies and agricultural products:

Make Volatility Your Ally

In 2014, the price of crude oil fell by more than half. Oil-dependent economies like Russia’s suffered, while consumers enjoyed lower gas prices. Volatility was widespread. Most traders are not prepared or lack the capital to trade commodity futures alongside the big players, especially when things are volatile. With our binary options and spreads, you trade commodity futures prices with smaller risk. You set your maximum possible loss before you enter the trade. If the market spikes against your position, your loss is limited and you won’t get stopped out even if your binary's value goes to zero. With our binary options and spreads, you can exit the trade prior to expiration, to take profits or avoid taking the maximum loss.

Small Opening Balance, Big Opportunity

Most successful traders start off small, with the goal of learning and improving. However, in the world of commodity futures, small accounts face a lot of challenges. Most commodity trading educators assume you have $25,000 or more to start with, so that you can handle drawdowns of several thousand dollars and still come out on top. While that works for some, many traders want a different risk/reward profile, even if they have ample funds. That’s why we require a low initial deposit to fund your account (though most of our members do start with more). That’s also why we don’t promise “unlimited profit potential.” We have found that most traders are comfortable with capped profit in exchange for limited risk.

Protection of a Stop-Loss, Without Getting Stopped Out

Commodity traders traditionally use stop-loss orders to limit risk. However, even with a stop, you still have the risk of slippage. You may incur a greater loss than you were prepared for or even get a margin call. With binary options and spreads, your maximum risk is set before you enter the trade. No unpleasant surprises if a trade doesn’t go your way. In fact, we doesn’t issue margin calls. Our binary options and spreads give you staying power in fast-moving, volatile markets. Most traders know the frustration of having the market move against you, getting stopped out, and watching it move back into profit territory. With us, you don't get stopped out, ever. If and when the market comes back, you're still in the trade. You can exit when you decide or hold to expiration.

Most successful traders are trend followers in one form or another. However a longer trend can contain big fluctuations. What if you could trade only the part of the trend where you think the greatest profit potential is? And if the price went below that range, you would not lose more money nor would you get stopped out? Our spreads let you trade a trend with that built-in floor and ceiling to protect you. Yes, your profit is no longer theoretically “unlimited,” but neither is your risk. That’s a trade-off many traders are happy to make, especially when it allows them to participate in lucrative markets like oil and gold, without all the stress that can come with it.